The Little Caesars Application

The Little Caesars application is the first of a series of steps to gain employment with the restaurant.  It is a relatively quick and easy process that is meant for the company to collect necessary information about you.  If you desire to pursue employment with the popular pizza restaurant you should know a few key facts about their application process. Although their process is in fact very similar to most other restaurant applications, there are a few differences presented.  On this website you will find the official Little Caesars application as well as tips, tricks, and advice on how to increase your chances of being hired by the restaurant.  Refer to the information below to get started.

Online Application

The online Little Caesars application is much different than the traditional paper application. For one it is obviously only available online. It is for this reason that those who are not computer or internet savvy should opt for the restaurant’s paper application. More on that for is available below. As for the online application there are a few key things to consider.  Opting for the online application is more time consuming than the paper application. The company’s online prompt inquires about much more information than what is found on the paper application. In filling out the prompt you will be asked a series of questions that are meant to gather information about your background, character, education, etc.  Be prepared to set aside at least 30 minutes to apply online.  Other than the inconvenience of how long it takes to fill out, the online option is a very good avenue. For one the convenience of not having to leave your home to apply is a big plus. It is also the future, as it appears traditional paper applications are being phased out.

Paper Application

The paper alternative to the Little Caesars applications is an equally effective way to apply.

Little Caesars Application

The image above will take you to the Little Caesars application printing page


In looking over the restaurant’s application it looks very similar to most other basic employment applications. It starts by requesting information such as your name, address, phone number, etc.  This is of course basic information that is only used to get your name on their records and establish contact with you. From there it goes on to things such as your education history. Although a high school or college degree will help you secure a job with the company, there are no education requirements  to be hired. After you fill in your education information you will be asked to provide three references. In providing references make sure you don’t use personal references. Instead include a teacher or past employer of which you are still in good standing with.  Be sure not to look this important tip.

Turning In The Application

If you opt to choose the traditional paper Little Caesars application there are a few key tips you should keep in mind. Some people overlook the importance of making a good impression when you turn in your application. Know that when you turn in an application you are making your first impression on your potential future employer. When you show up to the restaurant make sure you ask to turn the application into a manager or supervisor.  This will show the restaurant’s upper management that you are a go getter that is serious about securing a job with the company.  Dress nice and express a friendly demeanor, if the manager likes you right off the bat it will exponentially increase your chances of being called back for an interview.


Now lets talk about the perks you may be eligible for as a Little Caesars employee.  It goes with out saying that you will be eligible for discounted pizza.  The amount of discount you receive on in restaurant goods will vary from location to location. This discount can range anywhere from a percentage off upwards of  completely free pizza.  Hey, there’s nothing better than free or cheap pizza right? Other perks include things such as medical benefits. It is important to mention that not all positions are entitled to medical benefits. It really depends on what position you hold with the company and how long you have held that position.  If you are eligible you can expect to receive benefits such as  medical, dental, vision, etc. Other benefits include things such as paid vacation and 401k plan.  Consider speaking with your local store manager to see If the position you are applying for is eligible for such benefits.


As an employee of Little Caesars you will obviously be curious as to what advancement opportunities are available to you. Typically if you have little or no experience you will start out at an entry level position such as food prep or perhaps cashier. From there you will likely start out around minimum wage. After an extended period of time you will be eligible for pay raises and position advancement. It is quite possible to start out at an entry level position and quickly climb the ladder to high profile positions such as supervisor or manager. These positions often turn out to be lucrative careers that people right out all the way into retirement.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Littler Caesars is an equal opportunity employer. Feel free to apply to the restaurant without any fear of being discriminated against for your race, sex, etc. This pretty much goes without saying as discrimination in any work place is obviously a thing of the past. As an employee of Little Caesars you can rest assure that you will be treated equally and respectfully. More about restaurant’s equal opportunity employment statement is available through their official website. You can read more about their company’s equal opportunity policy their main website.

In Closing

In closing I would like to say that Little Caesars is a great opportunity for anyone seeking employment.  Turning in the company’s application today can get you started on a career path that can lead to great success.  If a job with the company appeals to you I urge you to turn in a Little Caesars application today.

Check out our available positions article if you are curious as to what jobs you can apply for with the restaurant.

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Jobs With Little Caesars

In filling out and turning in your Little Caesars application you have the option of requesting a variety of positions. Keep in mind that you are not limited to applying for just one position. In fact you can apply for multiple job positions on one application. Whichever position or positions you choose make sure that you meet the requirements for that particular position.  For example, If you have no experience as a cashier you may want to apply for a position that is a little more behind the scenes. In time you will receive training for such positions. The same goes for upper level positions such as supervisors and manager.  These jobs typically require previous experience and in some cases a college degree. ­­ Only applying for job positions that you are qualified for is common sense, although you would be surprised at how many people pursue jobs they have no business in applying for. ­

Entry Level Positions

Now lets speak a little bit about entry level positions available with Little Caesars. As mentioned earlier entry level jobs with the restaurant are the best option for those who have very little or no experience in the restaurant industry.  One popular entry level position is food prep. This position basically consists of cooking and items such as pizza, bread sticks, etc. For this position you should be able to stand on your feet for varying amounts of time and be able to follow specific directions on how to properly prepare the restaurant’s food.  Another entry level position is cashier. This is a straight forward position that consists of the employee taking orders, accepting money, and assisting in customer service. One key part of this position is customer service. The restaurant want’s employees who are friendly and possess strong communication skills.


Although it doesn’t pertain to the basic Little Caesars application, there are several corporate positions available. The application process for these positions greatly differs from the positions mentioned above. It is also worth mentioning that corporate jobs with the company will often require you to possess a college degree and may also require you to have several years of experience in a corporate environment. With that being say corporate positions with Little Caesars offers an excellent opportunity. The pay is very good and the company provides many benefits. Check with the restaurant’s main website to view current corporate job openings.


As mentioned above corporate jobs with the restaurant offer a very nice benefits package. As a corporate worker with Little Caesars you are eligible to receive full medical, dental, and vision benefits. You can also expect benefits such as 401k, sick pay, paid vacation, life insurance,  and more.

Skills Needed

If you are considering turning in the Little Caesars application it is important to consider what skills are needed. A quick overview of such required skills include things such as being able to stand for hours on end, basic math skills, personal service skills, communication skills, etc,

Age Requirements

Most states Little Caesars are in require their employees to be at least 16 years old. There is an exception to this rule as those who are 15 years old and possess a work permit are eligible for employment with the company. If you are under 16 consider speaking with your  school guidance counselor to obtain a work permit. Check out our article on the company’s job requirements for additional information.


Below is a look into the “Sign Shaker” job position at the restaurant. More videos depicting positions such as this one are available through sites such as Youtube.

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Little Cesars Online Application


Little Cesars offers competitive compensation, medical, dental and vision insurance, prescription coverage, sick pay, life insurance and a company matched 401K opportunity. You can view the available career opportunities online as well as fill out the online application.

Time Frame

Set aside about 30 minutes to fill out the online application. Be prepared to answer all of the questions and fill out the application in its entirety. Failure to complete the information requested may hinder your chances for employment.

Personal Information

Required personal information includes your name, address, age, social security number and phone number. Remember your proof of age will need to be proven by showing valid identification before you are hired.


Include all of your education information. The name of your high school, or details about where and when you received a GED are required. In addition, mention the name of the college you have attended or any college courses, certificates, degrees or trade school details necessary.


Provide detailed information regarding your previous work experience. Provide details about paid or non-paid internships as well. Give details about any hands-on experience you may have gained relating directly to job position you have chosen.


Include all of the skills that you possess which are directly related to the job position you are seeking to obtain.


References from previous employers, managers, supervisors and team leaders are highly important. You will want to provide valid and updated contact information including phone numbers and extension numbers. Providing up to three references is recommended.


Be clear about your work schedule availability. Note your preference of full time or part time work. In addition, mention any scheduling conflicts that may affect your future work schedule such as school, childcare issues or doctor’s appointments.

Further Questions

Answer all of the questions on the online application. These questions are meant to give Little Cesars a clear picture of your character, background and work ethic.


Once you are finished filling out Little Cesars online application, be sure you submit it properly. Your application will be viewed and you will be contacted when there is interest in hiring you for the position you have chosen.

Follow Up and Updating Profile

You have the opportunity to update your CV or Resume on file in the Little Cesars database. You can access your saved information by using the email address and password you created when initially applying online.

Work Place and EOE

Little Cesars is an equal opportunity employer who takes pride in maintaining their core values. The core values include treating employees fairly and valuing all contributions given by employees, maintaining respect for each other in the work place and for all employees, including franchise owners.

Little Cesars has a wide variety of job positions available throughout the year. The available positions fluctuate to match the need in each location. Frequently browse available job positions online for the most updated information. Each job description includes job requirements that are necessary to join the Little Cesars family.






Little Caesars Job Requirements

Working at a Little Caesars restaurant is sought after by a lot of people. For anyone looking to get hired at Little Caesars it can be helpful to first understand some of the job requirements for each type of job. Now there are quite a few job titles available and offered by the Little Caesars restaurant. The easiest thing to do is to look at the groups of jobs as a whole. Refer to our earlier article if you have not already downloaded the Little Caesars application.


To start off with there are the manager level jobs. A manager is responsible for the building and supervision of a team of employees at a Little Caesars restaurant. They are also responsible for meeting all of the goals set forth by the franchise which includes operational goals and customer satisfaction goals.


There are a few requirements for a manager type job at a Little Caesars restaurant. The first requirement is that the applicant have at least two years of training in a management role in another restaurant or retail establishment. Now there is no education requirements to become a manager at a Little Caesars restaurant though any higher level of education will certainly only increase the chances of being hired as a manager.


Co-managers are also a part of the restaurant level jobs. They work hand in hand with the managers and general managers of Little Caesars restaurants. Requirements are very similar to the manager and general manager requirements except maybe not quite as much experience in management is required. This job is an excellent stepping stone job to becoming a manager or general manager.


On the corporate side, there are also some highly sought after jobs. One type of job is the area supervisor job. The job requirement here is that the employee be in charge of a whole area of Little Caesars restaurants. There are more requirements involved here than with manager type jobs. For one, an area supervisor must have at least 5 years of experience in either the restaurant environment or in a retail establishment. In addition to adequate experience, an area supervisor must also meet some educational requirements. In most cases a high school diploma or GED is required in order to even be considered for an area supervisor job. You can’t apply for these jobs through the traditional in-store paper Little Caesars application.


In addition to these requirements an area supervisor must exhibit some other qualities as well. They must possess leadership qualities and have excellent communication and team building skills. A great work ethic and positive attitude are also very helpful in getting hired as an area supervisor at Little Caesars.


There are several other corporate type jobs available at the restaurant. These can range from quality assurance to marketing managers and even franchising consultants. Each of these jobs typically require at least 5 years of experience as well as at least a bachelors degree. Being proficient in office skills is also very beneficial to getting hired for any corporate type job at Little Caesars. All of the requirements for each of the jobs at Little Caesars are not always set in stone, but meeting these requirements do help. Keeping these tips in mind will help you when considering turning in the Little Caesars application. In our  next article we’ll discuss tips on getting hired


You can learn more about the restaurant through videos such as the one above or through informational websites such as Wikipedia.

How To Get Hired

The first step to get hired with the restaurant is to fill out the official Little Caesars application. This job application is pretty basic and is similar to most other job applications. Information needed here includes your name, personal contact information, social security number, level of education and any degrees obtained at that level of education, availability for work, and previous work experience.


Once the Little Caesars application has been filled out the next step to get hired at Little Caesars is to submit the application to the local Little Caesars restaurant. There will be a short period of time needed in order for the managers to review the application. If it has been a few days and there is still no word from anyone at Little Caesars then it is perfectly alright to contact them to check on the status of your application. Sometimes they may have just forgotten or became too busy to follow up. Once an application has been accepted the next step in getting hired at Little Caesars is the interview. A manager of the Little Caesars restaurant will then schedule an interview time.


When coming for an interview it is always beneficial to dress as nicely as possible. This does not necessarily mean a suit and tie. Often just a business casual dress is sufficient enough. This can be just khaki pants and a button down shirt. Closed toed shoes should also be worn as that will be a requirement for any employee who works at Little Caesars.


Be prepared ahead of time. The interviewer will probably ask several questions regarding the job application or background information. You should also study for potential questions ahead of time and have some answers thought out prior to the interview. Knowing how you will answer certain questions ahead of time can go a long way in helping you feel confident about the answers you provide, which will hopefully increase the chances of you being hired at the Little Caesars restaurant.


Make sure you are courteous during the whole in person interview. There may be some scenario based questions asked during the interview and answering these questions in a courteous manner can go a long way in making a lasting impression on the interviewer. They will look at how you answer the questions just as much as what your answer is to the question. It is important to understand that the two go hand in hand.


Once the interview is over with it is always a nice touch to thank the interviewer for their time. This little gesture can go a long way to leaving a lasting impression to the interviewer. Now none of these tips are any guarantee that you will be hired by any manager at Little Caesars. It will of course only help your chances of getting hired. Jobs at Little Caesars restaurants are very popular so anything that you can do to help stand out like being very courteous can certainly help your chances of being hired. Thanks for reading be sure to check out our other articles on Little Caesars and the Little Caesars application.

About Little Caesars

Before filling out the Little Caesars application, consider learning a little about the company first.

The history of Little Caesars goes all the way back to 1959 when the husband and wife duo of Mike and Marian Ilitch founded the first Little Caesars Pizza Treat restaurant in a little strip mall in Garden City, Michigan. When the restaurant opened they served more than just pizza though. They also served hot dogs, chicken, fish, and shrimp in addition to their delicious pizza.

Over time the Little Caesars Pizza Treat restaurant evolved to focus on mainly pizza and just a few other sides. Pizza was their specialty and it was what drove customers to their door. Soon the idea became so popular that the next logical step was to begin franchising the pizza restaurant. That is precisely what happened in 1962, just 3 years after the opening of the first pizza restaurant

It wasn’t long after that that the Little Caesars franchise became one of the largest carry out pizza franchise in the world. International expansion started in 1969 when Little Caesars opened their first pizza restaurant in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. And by the end of that very same year the pizza franchise had grown to 65 restaurants. In just a very short period of time the company had shown tremendous growth.

By 1987 the Little Caesars Pizza franchise had expanded to then cover all 50 states in the United States of America. Today the pizza franchise is continuing to expand at an exceptional rate both nationally and internationally. And they are still headed by the company’s original founders, Mike and Marian Ilitch.

Besides offering a fantastic pizza product, one of the other things that has made Little Caesars Pizza restaurants so successful over the years is their continuous innovation. In fact, Little Caesars has the longest history of successful innovations among all of the major pizza franchises.

One of the first innovations from Little Caesars that hit the mainstream market was the innovation to serve hot and fresh pizza in minutes for a lunch crowd. They successfully devised a way to cook their pizza in a quick and efficient manner. So, even when it got really busy they could still deliver hot and fresh pizza to all of their customers. This lead to the Hot N Ready Pizza where customers could get a pepperoni or a cheese pizza at anytime without having to place an order.

Today the Little Caesars Pizza restaurant chain is as popular as ever. Pizza can be ordered hot and fresh just about any time. And now it’s more than just pizzas that the Little Caesars Pizza franchise offers. They also include an offering of their famous wings and “Crazy Bread”. And the Little Caesars pizzas are now available in more countries than just the United States of America and Canada. Today they also include pizza restaurant locations in Aruba, Jordan, Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Guam, Turkey, Guatemala, The US Virgin Islands, and Honduras. And plans are in place for even further expansion into other countries. Consider filling out the Little Caesars application today if you think you would be a good fit for the company.


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